Saturday, 26 March 2011

Snoqualmie Falls

Day two of our TV show tour of Washington took Tawni and me to the town of North Bend and Snoqualmie Falls to visit some sites familiar to fans of Twin Peaks.

David Lynch filmed portions of Twin Peaks in the two small towns of North Bend and Snoqualmie. The former is the home of Snoqualmie Falls which appears in the title sequence of the TV show, as well as an episode of Northern Exposure.

Our first stop was the main street of North Bend, where the only easily recognizable site is the “Double R Diner” that served a damn fine cup of coffee and cherry pie.

I was surprised when I went to the Tourist Information and asked for any handouts they had about Twin Peaks, and they didn’t have anything. Of course, after the realizations from the Roslyn tour, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Twin Peaks and Northern Exposure both first aired in 1990. (hmmm, what other great shows debuted that year?)

After a quick walk-through of the town, Tawni and I went up to Snoqualmie Falls.

The lodge at the top of the falls is Salish Lodge, which was deemed the Great Northern in the show. Most of the interiors of the Great Northern were filmed in Poulsbo on Bainbridge Island in the Puget Sound.

We had lunch at the very fancy lodge with a view over looking the falls. The food was pretty good, but it didn’t live up to the expectations set by the fancy setting and price.

With lunch, I did try another local beer, a Snoqualmie Falls Summer Beer; not a very original name, but tasty. A slightly hoppy pilsner, with an appearance and head that reminded me of a cream ale, such as Boddingtons.

After lunch, Tawni drove through the town of Snoqualmie. This town definitely looked like it would adequately represent a town that comes out of David Lynch’s imagination.

After this little tour to Twin Peaks an Cicely, I’ll need to go back and watch some episodes from both series.

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