Saturday, 26 March 2011

Syncing Google Calendar to Apple iCal

I’m still working on migrating everything to my new MacBook Pro. One last thing I need to do is sync my iPod Touch to its true master. I’ve been waiting for the Snow Leopard upgrade (finished a couple days ago) and the synchronization of my Google Calendar to Apple’s iCal application.

I knew that with Snow Leopard it would be really simple to hook these two calendaring systems together, but it surprised me how easy it would be. The following is my best technical writer interpretation on how to accomplish this.

1) Open the iCal application

2) Select the iCal > Preferences menu item

3) Select the Networks tab of the Accounts dialog box

4) Click the plus sign (+) in the lower left-hand corner to add a new network

5) Complete the Add Account dialog box as follows:

a) Account type: select Google

b) Email address: enter your Gmail address

c) Password: enter your Gmail password

d) Click Create

You’ll now see your Gmail account in the Accounts sidebar

6) Take a look at the rest of the settings in the Accounts tab, but you shouldn’t need to alter anything for basic usage.

Yep… that’s it. Now I’m gonna plug the iTouch into the MacBook Pro and see what happens… I see another post in my future

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